Broken Baby Maker Sale

Help us have our own sweet little squishy baby!



This isn't your ordinary sale y'all! Some of you know that we have been unsuccessful in the baby making department. So, after 7 years and multiple failed procedures we have decided to try IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). This process is extremely expensive (upwards of $18,000) and insurance doesn't cover any of it... All proceeds from this sale will be going to help us conceive our very own little squishy bundle of joy. Hopefully starting the family wehave been dreaming of for years. I am blessed to take pictures of soooo many precious newborns & kiddos, we desperately want one of our own to photograph. I want to say THANK YOU for your business and patronage, even if you aren't able to purchase anything please share this with others.

WHEN: Tuesday May 1st, @ 7pm. Sale only lasts 1 hour
WHAT IS ON SALE: Everything I offer, even weddings y'all
HOW MUCH: Most sessions are 40%-50% off regular price





starts Tuesday May 1st @7pm 


*Only 5 of each session available for purchase, so get here early.


Buy at the sale and use anytime in 2018


Locations good for Edmond, OKC Metro and Surrounding Areas & McAlester





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Some mini sessions have already taken place and are not available for booking

Themes that have already been done: Weathered Barn Wall, Thunder Up!, Easter, Canola & Mother's Day





Santa Minis

Sale Price $35