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November is my busiest month of the year so please be patient as I try to meet clients needs & still stay a little sane.


When do we book our Holiday sessions:

I like to shoot Christmas & Holiday sessions in November so I have plenty of time to return them for Christmas cards & gifts. 


What types of Holiday sessions are typically offered:

I like to offer an indoor studio set up or two and usually a tree farm or outdoor option. If you celebrate in a non Christian way such as Hanukkah or something else and want a session please let me know! I’d love to accommodate your faith and or traditions!


What is the turnaround time for these sessions:

I try to get everything out by the first week of December. My normal T.A.T. is 4 weeks but during November I try to make it just ASAP lolol. But remember… if you booked earlier in Nov. your photos will come up on the list first. Kinda like first booked, first edited lolol. 


Do I shoot in December:

I usually have Santa the first Saturday. After that…. I don’t shoot. I make exceptions for newborns & milestones until the 18th. But then, I take 3 or 4 weeks off to rest <3 


What NOT to say to your photographer this time of year. 

(all of which has been said to me)

* I know your schedule is full but I just need 1 photo of my kids

*Just Checking In..

* I know our session was a few days ago but any chance my session is ready early?

* If you have time to post on FB or TIKTOK you have time to edit my photos!

* Even though I wore a sleeveless dress, I don't like my arms. Can you edit them in all 80+ photos?

* What do you mean you don't work Thanksgiving or Christmas Day? I need you and my family is in town. 





What To Wear

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Ok, what’s the perfect way to dress for a photoshoot?


There is no PERFECT outfit. When clients ask I tell them to look for these qualities below when putting together outfits


1) Make sure the clothing is comfortable, if not it shows in your body language or on your face in the photos lol. 


2) For Women: Simple, flowy fabrics with textured layers and a few fun accessories

For Men: Collared shirts, no logos (sports or brand)

For Boys: No brands or characters on clothing or shoes, solid colors are best

For Girls: No brands or characters, wear shorts under dresses

For Baby: Nothing with words, either no shoes or neutral shoes


 3) Advice for Everyone: No matchy matchy i.e. all white t-shirts & jeans. Outfit Pairings look best when you pick a color scheme. I love when the Client takes one piece of the group’s clothing that has multiple colors and use that to pull from for the other outfits. Make sense… maybe lol?


 4) If you are wearing these I’ll probably ask you to take them off lol: smartwatches, ballcaps and sometimes glasses lol. 


 5) Also, all of these rules are subjective. If you have a fun outfit or wanna match the theme… DO IT!! Wanna be all matchy matchy?? Then do it lol. At the end of the day these are your photos, I'm just the facilitator. 


I do have a small client closet for Moms which you can see HERE. Use of these for your session is complimentary. Just let me know beforehand so I can have it ready to go!


Here are some Pinterest Inspiration images to give some examples


Cake Smashes

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Q: What is a Cake Smash Session?


For a one year old’s birthday, parents bring their baby in to see Me so I can capture this big milestone! We do family photos (if parents would like them), individual photos of Baby then at the end, with the cake! They can eat, smash, or cry at it…. Sometimes all three lol. 


Q: What props are included vs what clients are responsible for bringing?


I have a cake stands, ‘O’ ‘N’ ‘E’ letter options, garlands & greenery. I have some themed props & backdrops, seasonal options, chairs & other accents. If clients want a specific theme or prop please contact me beforehand and we can plan it out! 


Q: What if my baby doesn’t smile?


Ok, honestly….. Most babies are pretttttty confused by this whole circus. I normally get the most smiles after the sugar kicks in a bit. As long as your baby isn’t just screaming bloody murder… I count it as successful lol. If your baby is just a chill kiddo, that's still wonderful! Let them be who they are!


Q: How far in advance should I book?


My average turnaround time for galleries is about 4 weeks. If you need them in time for a party then plan accordingly!


Q: Where do Cake Smashes take place?


My studio is where I shoot 99% of these sessions but occasionally I get a request for outdoors. As long as the weather is mild that is fine with me too! Just contact me a week or so ahead of time to pan it out with me!


Q: What if I want a Birthday Session but don’t want a cake?


Then you can book a regular milestone session! There is a small prices difference as there is less clean up with a regular milestone sesh. 


Q: Can I bring food besides cake?

ABSOLUETLY! I have had parents bring, pie, cupcakes, doughnuts, watermelon, cookies and strawberries! You can bring any food you’d like for them to eat or smash!


These sessions are on sale TONIGHT 10/2 at 9pm HERE


Busy Season

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Q: When is Busy Season for a photographer?

For most Photogs, the craziest time (aka Busy Season) is the Fall. October-December is literally a marathon. 


Q: What is Busy Season?

The weather is cooler, landscapes are prettiest and the Holidays are fast approaching. Lots of families take their yearly family portraits for gifts and Holiday cards too. So typically, our appts tend to explode during this part of the year. My appointments almost triple in October & November.


Q: How does Busy Season effect Clients?

Well, unfortunately sometimes turnaround times can extend a bit. We take on extra appointments to accommodate clients at our own expense. It takes more time away from family & personal duties. BUT…. I LOVE MY JOB! That's why I do it. I try my very best to get evryone on the books that want to be on the books. Just know that by mid November I’m a zombie lol. 


Q: What My Clients need to know

- Small business means Small Business. Its just Myself & a part time assistant. Photographers aren’t amazon, our services aren't instant.  Sometimes our art or communication may take a little extra time

- I’m incredibly understanding if/when we have human moments or hiccups. So please, I ask you to please treat me the same.

- I only have a finite amount of appts and once those are filled I will not be able to open more. So book early! 


Q: What do I mostly shoot in Busy Season

In October, I shoot Fall (In Studio & Outdoors) and Halloween. In November, I shoot alllll Christmas & Holiday sessions. In studio & Tree Farm. Throughout the busy season I also shoot Fall Family sessions and lots of Fall senior sessions! The main thing I shoot in December is Santa! Then sprinkle in my normal Newborn & Milestone sessions and thats Busy Season!




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These tiny humans are my favorite type of session to photograph! I have photographed babies for 8 years and have loved every minute of it! Let me answer a few Frequently Asked Questions to make it easier on my clients!



A: Newborns photograph best during the first few weeks of life. I prefer them to be 7 days to 20 days old but will take babies up to 1 month if needed. 



A: Absolutely! And at no extra cost too! They are included! I also have a Momma Client Closet if you don’t know what to wear! I have you covered! Look at the dress options HERE



A: Honestly, nothing! Unless you have a sentimental item or two… I have everything you need! Blankets, swaddle wraps, baskets, hats, bows and more! Also, I hate to say it… but please, no onesies or everyday type outfits. Babies don’t normally photograph as well in them. 



A: Well… It depends on the baby. Some of them do every pose easy peasy, some need a little coaxing & maybe some milk. Then, there are some newborns that have their very own agenda!

So, while I do have a posing workflow, the babies run the show



- Sessions last 2-3 hours, depending on baby's cooperation

- I don't do naked shots unless parents request it (its messy lol)

- All newborn sessions take place in my studio







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