Posed - VS - Posed

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Or what I like to refer to them as 

Mantle shots -vs- Memory Shots lol


Posed Photos:

Intentional Composition: Posed photos are carefully composed and arranged. The photographer directs the subject to adopt specific postures, expressions, and settings for the perfect shot

Intended Aesthetic: Posed photos often aim to capture the subject in the most flattering light, emphasizing their best features and creating an idealized representation of the person or scene.

Formal and Planned: They are often associated with formal events like weddings, portraits or families with older children where the subjects are aware of being photographed and actively cooperate with the photographer's directions.   


Candid Photos:

Natural and Unscripted: Candid photos capture moments spontaneously, often without the subject's awareness. The photographer's role is to seize authentic, unguarded moments, reflecting the subject's true emotions and expressions.

Emotional Authenticity: These photos often convey genuine emotions, expressions, and interactions, making them more relatable and intimate for viewers.

Storytelling Approach: Candid photos are excellent for storytelling, as they can document genuine moments and narratives as they naturally unfold.


Both types of photography have their own unique benefits and are suitable for different contexts. Posed photos are great for capturing controlled and stylized representations, while candid photos excel at revealing the authenticity and raw emotions of a moment. Professional photographers often use a combination of both styles to create a well-rounded and comprehensive narrative.



Mini Sessions -vs- Full Sessions

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I Offer 2 main types of sessions: General sessions & mini sessions. Lets talk about the difference & what is the best option for your needs. 



Mini-sessions are about 15-20 minutes, can include up to 7 people, produce a smaller number of images. They are mostly limited edition and usually have a specific theme. Minis sessions are at a set location with set props. 


Q: What types of themes are typical for a mini session?

I always include holidays & seasons i.e. Christmas, Easter, Summer & Fall. I also have other themes throughout the year that make fun memories like Muddy Puddles, Red Dirt Road, Lakeside and in the Tulips. 


Q: What can I expect from a mini session?

These sessions are quick & simple. We run through a few simple posing prompts which results in a gallery from 15-30 images. It just varies on the client’s participation! You get 7 images with your initial investment but can purchase the full gallery for an additional fee after you view your images. 



General sessions vary timewise from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the type and produce a larger variety of images. General sessions give clients more freedom. We can choose any theme, milestone or location you’d like and can include up to 12 people! 


Q: What are typical full sessions?

These can be for varied celebrations: Families (Immediate & Extended), Newborns, Milestones (3,6,9,12+ months), Maternity, Seniors, Boudoir


Q: What can I expect from a general full session?

These sessions allow a little more flexibility and options. We can talk location/vibe options beforehand to curate the best session for you! Whether its cake smash color schemes to a funky location for high school seniors. I will reach out to discuss your vision! 



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Q: When do I normally reschedule?


I want your session & investment to be the very best they can be! With that always in mind, I may reach out before your session to reschedule if the weather is off. 


Q: What kinds of weather cause a reschedule?


High winds, chance of rain or storms, severe temperatures. If there are 30 MPH winds, 30% chance of storms, below freezing or above 95°. 


Q: Why would those factors cause a reschedule? 


If you or your kids are uncomfortable in a shoot it shows! If your hair is swirling around like a cyclone its hard to capture quality images. Rainy weather will ruin your hair, makeup and my camera gear.. I just want the best photos for you that I can get!


Q: What happens after a reschedule? 

I will offer you new dates for sure! Normally, I keep make-up days planned throughout the month for these exact instances! 


Q: What seasons reschedule the most?

Honestly, Spring & Fall. The weather is changing & not as stable midway through those seasons. Its often rainy, windy and/or cold in March, April, Oct & Nov.


Rescheduling due to crazy weather causes me lots of anxiety. I know it takes time & energy to get your family ready. If I think your photos & investment may be negatively impacted by the weather then I will message you the morning of your session. I don’t reschedule lightly and only do it if I feel its needed. 


Love & Light,




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Q: What is a Maternity Session?


These sessions can be just the Mom to Be or bring your partner & other kiddos if any. Maternity sessions capture the beauty of your growing baby bump.


Q: Why do a maternity session?


To capture the start of a new season for you & your family. These sessions are also great for baby related announcements too! Babies are the start of a new family legacy so lets document the journey. 


Q: What do I wear?


This one can be tricky. I want Mom to be comfortable but also in something that makes her feel as gorgeous as she is! I recommend flowy dresses in solid colors with layers, hats & accessories are always a bonus too. Still don’t know what to wear? I have dresses you can borrow at no extra cost. Take a look at my inventory HERE:


Q: How far in advance should I book?


I like to takes photos when Mom is between 28-34 weeks along. The bump is showing but hopefully Mom is still comfortable in her own skin. 


Q: Where do these take place?


My studio is always set up with a lifestyle set (bedroom/living area). I also have a whole prop room to use for building a custom set that matches your vibe!  As long as the weather is cooperative we could shoot outdoors as well. I have lots of location ideas if that is what you’d prefer. 


Q: Do you offer maternity/newborn packages? 


Yes, I do! But… only a few times a year during a sale. You have to snag one when I run a sale or special. They are not offered on the general pricing schedule. 


I will pose you & direct you the entire session. Trust me, trust the process and lets create some lasting memories with your new additions. 


Here are 5 Reasons to get Maternity Photos Taken...

1) To commemorate a new season for your family.

2) You will be surprised at how beautiful these will make you feel!

3) It helps build the bond between parents & partners.

4) These are sweet memories that You can look back on as your family grows.

5) Your family legacy is important and deserves to be documented.






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November is my busiest month of the year so please be patient as I try to meet clients needs & still stay a little sane.


When do we book our Holiday sessions:

I like to shoot Christmas & Holiday sessions in November so I have plenty of time to return them for Christmas cards & gifts. 


What types of Holiday sessions are typically offered:

I like to offer an indoor studio set up or two and usually a tree farm or outdoor option. If you celebrate in a non Christian way such as Hanukkah or something else and want a session please let me know! I’d love to accommodate your faith and or traditions!


What is the turnaround time for these sessions:

I try to get everything out by the first week of December. My normal T.A.T. is 4 weeks but during November I try to make it just ASAP lolol. But remember… if you booked earlier in Nov. your photos will come up on the list first. Kinda like first booked, first edited lolol. 


Do I shoot in December:

I usually have Santa the first Saturday. After that…. I don’t shoot. I make exceptions for newborns & milestones until the 18th. But then, I take 3 or 4 weeks off to rest <3 


What NOT to say to your photographer this time of year. 

(all of which has been said to me)

* I know your schedule is full but I just need 1 photo of my kids

*Just Checking In..

* I know our session was a few days ago but any chance my session is ready early?

* If you have time to post on FB or TIKTOK you have time to edit my photos!

* Even though I wore a sleeveless dress, I don't like my arms. Can you edit them in all 80+ photos?

* What do you mean you don't work Thanksgiving or Christmas Day? I need you and my family is in town. 





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