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Ok, what’s the perfect way to dress for a photoshoot?


There is no PERFECT outfit. When clients ask I tell them to look for these qualities below when putting together outfits


1) Make sure the clothing is comfortable, if not it shows in your body language or on your face in the photos lol. 


2) For Women: Simple, flowy fabrics with textured layers and a few fun accessories

For Men: Collared shirts, no logos (sports or brand)

For Boys: No brands or characters on clothing or shoes, solid colors are best

For Girls: No brands or characters, wear shorts under dresses

For Baby: Nothing with words, either no shoes or neutral shoes


 3) Advice for Everyone: No matchy matchy i.e. all white t-shirts & jeans. Outfit Pairings look best when you pick a color scheme. I love when the Client takes one piece of the group’s clothing that has multiple colors and use that to pull from for the other outfits. Make sense… maybe lol?


 4) If you are wearing these I’ll probably ask you to take them off lol: smartwatches, ballcaps and sometimes glasses lol. 


 5) Also, all of these rules are subjective. If you have a fun outfit or wanna match the theme… DO IT!! Wanna be all matchy matchy?? Then do it lol. At the end of the day these are your photos, I'm just the facilitator. 


I do have a small client closet for Moms which you can see HERE. Use of these for your session is complimentary. Just let me know beforehand so I can have it ready to go!


Here are some Pinterest Inspiration images to give some examples



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