Posed - VS - Posed

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Or what I like to refer to them as 

Mantle shots -vs- Memory Shots lol


Posed Photos:

Intentional Composition: Posed photos are carefully composed and arranged. The photographer directs the subject to adopt specific postures, expressions, and settings for the perfect shot

Intended Aesthetic: Posed photos often aim to capture the subject in the most flattering light, emphasizing their best features and creating an idealized representation of the person or scene.

Formal and Planned: They are often associated with formal events like weddings, portraits or families with older children where the subjects are aware of being photographed and actively cooperate with the photographer's directions.   


Candid Photos:

Natural and Unscripted: Candid photos capture moments spontaneously, often without the subject's awareness. The photographer's role is to seize authentic, unguarded moments, reflecting the subject's true emotions and expressions.

Emotional Authenticity: These photos often convey genuine emotions, expressions, and interactions, making them more relatable and intimate for viewers.

Storytelling Approach: Candid photos are excellent for storytelling, as they can document genuine moments and narratives as they naturally unfold.


Both types of photography have their own unique benefits and are suitable for different contexts. Posed photos are great for capturing controlled and stylized representations, while candid photos excel at revealing the authenticity and raw emotions of a moment. Professional photographers often use a combination of both styles to create a well-rounded and comprehensive narrative.




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