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I’m a whirlwind of crazy….


     Take a large bowl. In it throw some glitter (any color really), biscuits & gravy, netflix, gangsta rap, bright colors, all things nerd, tattoos, Harry Potter and a bohemian spirit. Mix together and bake on a floatie in a pool in the hot summer sun. Do that and I am what you get!


     My husband Jacob is a hunky bearded carpenter that has shown me more patience since 2003 than I have ever deserved.  We have a zoo of  3 dogs and a cat. I have an unhealthy love for Tuffy, one of my shih tzus that borderlines on creepy… My Mother is my very best friend. So lucky am I to have such a large family that loves, accepts and supports me with every decision I make.


     Katie is my name and living a crazy hella fun life full of new experiences, food and places is my game. I believe that life is short and you only get one…. so live it and live it hard! My entire life I have heard “That Katie is soooo Crazy!” and I love it every time.


     I love bright pops of color, genuine smiles and big belly laughs in my photos. Each session I strive to make it a fun memory, something you will look back on and giggle. I will do whatever necessary to get the shot just right. Photos should be indicative of their subjects and set a certain mood or atmosphere. Here at K. Talley Photography I, Crazy Katie, will do my best to make the most of you and yours!


Love & Light,

Katie Talley


I like action shots & selfies.....



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